Active Ingredients

Dorofen® is composed of two active ingredients in one formula for oral use:

– α–D-Glucosamine sulfate 500 mg

– Standardized Ginkgo Biloba leaf Extract 50 mg.

Indication &Usage

Dorofen® is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knees, hips, shoulders, or vertebral column

• Dorofen® is also used in the treatment of intermittent claudication (interruption of blood circulation in leg muscles), bursitis, tendinitis, and synovitis

• Dorofen® should be taken ( 3-4) capsules daily (take 1 capsule, after a meal ) for at least 3 months. Then, the maintenance dose is 2-3 capsules daily.

Dorofen® The Preferred Medicine for Osteoarthritis

Dorofen® prevents the progression of osteoarthritis. It helps restore the physiological balance in the joints by supplying the body with glucosamine, the necessary building block for the cartilage and the maintenance of the synovial fluid.

• Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (Standardized extract) in Dorofen® exert arterial and venous vasoregulator effects that improve cerebral, peripheral, and subchondral micro-circulation, which promotes painless walking, especially in elderly patients suffering from intermittent claudication.

• These effects together produce a synergistic effect (complementary additive effects) in helping relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and preserving a free comfortable movement of the affected joints.

Dorofen® is not just a pain killer; it treats the problem of Osteoarthritis right from the root.

• The biologically active isomer α-D-Glucosamine sulphate in Dorofen® makes it superior to any other brand in treating osteoarthritis.

How is Dorofen® supplied?

Dorofen® is supplied in boxes of 30 or 40 capsules, each capsule is imprinted with the words ”LlPTIS” and ”Dorofen”