Active Ingredients

Febuxostat 40mg

Febuxostat 80mg

Febuxostat 120mg

Mechanism of Action

Unsiatem® is a Xanthine Oxidase (XO) inhibitor

Unsiatem® inhibits both the oxidized and reduced form of XO

Unsiatem® is a non-purine, selective and potent inhibitor of XO, 10-30 times more than allopurinol, and has no effect on other enzymes involved in purine or pyrimidine metabolism


Unsiatem 40 & 80mg: chronic management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout.

Unsiatem 120mg: management of hyperuricemia associated with tumor lysis syndrome.


Unsiatem® 40mg Once Daily
Unsiatem® 80mg Once Daily

Unsiatem 120mg:

Starting Unsiatem 120mg 2 days before induction chemotherapy, for 7-9 days.


Unsiatem® 40mg/ 80mg/ 120mg

The carton box contains 3 strips: Each one contains 10 film-coated tablets & insert leaflet.